The Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) strives is to be recognized globally as a center of excellence in HR education, research and practice. Our well-developed, powerful network of leading executives, faculty and students work together to create value for companies and the human resources field.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management

CHRM’s board of directors provides suggestions and input to continuously strengthen the quality of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management program. Graduates of this program are principled, thoughtful and insightful employees, ready to create value for their organizations and communities.

Partnering with Alumni

Former students play a significant role in helping our graduates find employment. Alumni also sponsor regular meetings in Houston, Dallas and other cities. These events allow alumni to expand their professional network while strengthening their ties to CHRM.

Corporate Partnerships

We are always looking to expand our board membership and forge new partnerships with corporations. These partnerships produce a range of mutual benefits, including:

  • Conducting research with faculty and students
  • Sharing best practices and discussing emerging HR issues
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities for practicing HR professionals
  • Strengthening CHRM’s outreach efforts with our supporters, alumni and students

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about the Center for Human Resource Management.

Ron Chandler, Director 
Center for Human Resource Management 
Master of Science in Human Resource Management Program