Gallery Furniture Lobby
Graciously donated by master merchant, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, owner and founder of the largest single-store furniture showroom in the world, the Gallery Furniture Retail Education Lobby was formally dedicated on Tuesday, March 29, 2011.

To inspire a new generation of students to discover the world of retailing, the Gallery Furniture Lobby in Mays Business School provides students the opportunity to relax, study and stay to learn more about retailing.

A flat-panel television broadcasts current business news, major marketing campaigns and specially recorded CEO interviews that add to the educational experience offered by the Center for Retailing Studies.

Alton Withers Library
The Center for Retailing Studies houses the Alton Withers Library of Retailers for student and faculty research.

It offers current print and video information on participating companies. The library contains company literature as well as career-path and general retailing information. It is an invaluable resource for students preparing classroom assignments and anticipating job interviews. Company representatives update the information frequently, ensuring a strong organizational presence on campus.

R.C. Barclay Center
Located in the Business Library & Collaboration Commons, the Barclay Center was created through generous contributions given in support of retailing education

The Barclay Center, opened in the Business Library & Collaboration Commons in 1994 and honors the late R.C. Barclay, a founder of Randalls Food Markets, Inc., who believed in both higher education and the Center for Retailing Studies. Even though he never personally attended Texas A&M University, the “Spirit of Aggieland” lived in his heart.

Today, over 12,000 students use the Business Library & Collaboration Commons daily. Its facilities, anchored by the Barclay Center, utilize state of the art technology to provide students and researchers access to the most current information available. The Center is a fully electronic business and retailing reference library.

In 2006, Texas A&M announced that all patent and trademark records will now be held and accessible for users at the Barclay Center. This acquisition further adds to the resources available to business students.