Member benefits

Partnership with our corporate sponsor companies from all retail segments is the driving force behind the our mission to improve retailing practice and to promote retailing as a career. When a company becomes a sponsor, we work to form a special relationship through education, research and collaboration that serves the needs of each individual business.

Partnership comes in many shapes and sizes. From the world’s largest retailers to single-store boutiques, to the technology, research, advertising and consumer product companies that support retailers, our goal is to serve the broad needs of today’s business industry by providing access to the best student talent, continuing executive education, research publications and networking opportunities.

Since the Center for Retailing Studies does not receive state or university dollars, annual sponsorship dues fund our programs. Thanks to industry investment, we can develop the next generation of retail leadership and positively impact the success of retailers.


Recruiting opportunities with access to top talent
Access to a pool of over 150 business students who are passionate and prepared for professional careers in retailing is among the top reasons companies partner with the Center.

Increased brand awareness among Texas A&M University’s student body
By speaking in classrooms, participating in Student Retailing Association events and being recognized through special campus displays and events, sponsor companies become top-of-mind career choices among our students.

Customized benefits
Every business has specific needs. We listen to each of our sponsor partners to tailor our services to their needs. By building personal relationships with each company that supports us, we can offer customized benefits that give maximum value to your investment in Texas A&M University.

Affiliation with Texas A&M University and Mays Business School
The Center for Retailing Studies is among the nation’s top retailing institutions. Our sponsors have access to thought leadership through faculty research and consulting expertise, as well as campus resources such as the Career Center.

Business and knowledge development
Executive conferences offer industry leaders forums to discover new ideas and build their networks among our other partners.