Our Mission

The Center for Retailing Studies provides our students with a number of transformational learning experiences, from daily interaction with our nationally recognized faculty, to travel opportunities to valuable industry trade events, the opportunity to participate in academic competitions, as well as a number of student organizations and leadership development programs. As one of the largest retail educators in the nation, graduates of the Center for Retailing Studies earn business degrees, complete practical experience and build ethical values required in today’s business community. They are ready to make an immediate and positive impact.

Our academic mission is rooted in a strong curriculum of classroom study in the core elements of retail enterprise leadership, including fundamental skills such as merchandising, strategy, product marketing, buy planning, forecasting, assortment planning and more.  Beyond the classroom, our students are offered transformational learning experiences through involvement in retailing student organizations, executive guest lectures, visits to retail headquarters and major markets, involvement in student programs with the National Retail Federation as well as other respected industry trade groups. Because retailing is a dynamic, fast paced and rapidly changing business, our curriculum is undergoing continuous improvement to assure that we provide our students with the skills employers will need in the future.

The Center for Retailing Studies serves as a “hub” that connects leaders in both industry and academia, working to create and share industry knowledge, expertise, best-practices and innovation that advances the industry and disseminates valuable insights to the broader retail community.  Our flagship event is our annual Retailing Summit, held in October of each year in Dallas, and which brings together leaders from across retail enterprises, trade groups, service organizations and the academic community for a day and a half of informative discussions on the latest trends impacting the industry.

Our award-winning research faculty continues to lead industry knowledge in areas of innovation in customer experience development, marketing in the digital age, and the evolution of retail organizational structures to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.  We partner with organizations from across the retail spectrum to research, develop and share knowledge that advances our industry and prepares us to serve consumers effectively in the years ahead.

From our founding in 1983 through to today, our mission remains focused on developing the retail leaders and business knowledge for tomorrow. We are excited about the road ahead for the Retailing industry, and for the great career opportunities it continues to provide to those professionals willing to find new ways to serve consumers in the years ahead.

2020 NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship Award winner: LeAnn Percivill