The TRIP 2023 Application opens August 21st and closes October 1st at 11:59 PM.

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Come talk Energy with us & have your application questions answered on  Friday,September 29, at 10am in 360K Wehner. 

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The Trading, Risk & Investments Program (TRIP) prepares students for success in the fields of energy trading, investments and risk management by combining exceptional class instruction with hands-on, internship-based experience. TRIP is open to any undergraduate student at Texas A&M in any major in their junior academic year or Finance majors in their sophomore year once admitted to Upper-Level.

Key benefits of TRIP include:

  • Guaranteed access to select coursework and programs
  • Automatic acceptance to Master of Financial Management (MFM)
  • Trading, Risk & Investments Certificate (for BBA-FINC or BBA-HNR/FINC sophomores)
  • Three paid energy market-related internships, each with a different TRIP Board member
  • Mentoring by industry leaders from advisory board member firms
  • Exclusive networking events, tours, and trade floor visits
  • Participation in market and industry-related activities
  • If you are looking for a career in investments, trading, or risk analysis, this is the road to your future!

What is Trading?

While this is generally thought of as buying/selling stock, the TRIP program is primarily focused in Energy Commodity Markets – crude oil, gasoline, diesel, electricity, power, natural gas, and renewables.

How does TRIP prepare me for the real world?

This highly selective program will provide you with the practical skills to be successful in finance. It will also connect you to energy industry leaders: you will build relationships with members of the TRIP Advisory Board who provide mentoring, internships, workshops, enrichment trips, and shadowing opportunities—all hands-on learning experiences.

Most TRIP graduates start as a financial or risk analyst. There is exploding demand for professionals who know how to manage risk, value energy assets, and analyze energy market trends, stocks and commodities. TRIP will prepare you to succeed in these roles, and immediately add value to an organization after graduation.

Why three internships?

A notable feature of the program is that TRIP advisory board member companies provide TRIP students three paid internships, allowing you to explore the field of finance, gain valuable experience, and form relationships with industry professionals. TRIP students are assigned internships with three different Advisory Board member firms.  Through these internships, students will leave the program with 10-12 months of relevant experience and exposure to company cultures, preparing them to hit the ground running in their careers.

Master of Financial Managment (MFM) or TRIP Certificate?

The MFM is a 36-hour program exclusively open to students who have been admitted while an undergraduate to a Mays Business School high-impact learning program, such as TRIP. BBA-FINC or BBA-HNR/FINC sophomores have the option to forgo the MFM for a Certificate in Trading, Risk & Investments. The certificate is the same experience as MFM with same career potential.

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