Foundational Components

  • Experiential Learning: The program emphasizes learning business by doing business. In addition to hands-on learning through the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) course, the students learn through role-play activities, simulations, case studies, games, and more.
  • Leadership Development: By exploring contemporary leadership styles and ongoing self-evaluation, students gain deep self-awareness and set goals for enhancing their own leadership skills. Through personal assessment tools such as CareerLeader, StrengthsFinder, Birkman, Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, and Personality Diversity Indicator, students increase their self-awareness and learn techniques for working with team members.
  • Team-Based Learning. Companies use high-function teams to solve today’s complex business problems. To prepare the students for this environment, students will participate in a small team during the program to learn, grow, and excel together.
  • Study Abroad. All students participate in a study abroad field trip to learn about business around the world.
  • Small Class, Selective Peer Group: The class size will be small so each student engages with professors and classmates in a dynamic, rigorous learning environment.
  • World-Class Faculty: Students in the program will take classes from Mays Business School’s world-class faculty. Our professors are respected experts in their fields, renowned for their cutting-edge research and passion for teaching.
  • Career Preparation: Through the school’s Career Management Center, students will enjoy access to a team of dedicated professionals who are personally involved in your career success. Students will also take a class in career management during the first block of classes.