Texas A&M Sophomores and Juniors

The MSF Program offers Accelerated Admissions for TAMU students in their Sophomore or Junior year that want to pursue opportunities at the most attractive firms. These top firms typically require students to intern with them prior to hiring them for a full time position. This program gives you enough knowledge to pursue these internships, which typically occur during the summer between the student’s undergrad graduation and the full time MSF year.

Additional Benefits:

  • Increased networking and internship opportunities
  • Undergraduate tuition rate for up to 14 credit hours of graduate level courses
  • MSF Road Trip in January, where students have the opportunity to visit 17 companies on the Advisory Board in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and New York (Sophomore Admits Only)
  • Eligibility to apply for the Aggies on Wall Street track once admitted to the program.

More Specific Information:

The Accelerated Admissions Program Outline: After being admitted to the Program, students immediately take 6 hours in August and spread the remaining 5-8 hours of MSF coursework over the student’s remaining undergraduate coursework. These 11-14 hours of MSF coursework are reserved for graduate credit.

For Sophomores and Juniors Planning on Graduating in December: The MSF program has a spring entry option for students who are admitted in Accelerated Admissions. This does not apply to current seniors.

Contact the MSF office for more information about the A&M December graduates Accelerated Admissions course schedule and differences between the tracks.