MSF Accelerated Admissions

Texas A&M Sophomores and Juniors: Maximizes Career Opportunities and Minimizes Cost!

Maximize Career Opportunities: Many premier employers only fill full-time positions with students whose final internship was with them. MSF Accelerated Admissions gives you enough time and knowledge to pursue the most competitive final internships. For MSF students, final internships occur during the summer between your undergrad senior year and your full-time MSF year. MSF Accelerated Admissions students are best prepared to compete in a recruiting process which can begin as early as December of your Junior year or 18 months in advance of the actual internship. MSF Accelerated Admissions students are best prepared because they are allowed to take MSF courses and to utilize Mays Graduate Career Services while they are still an undergrad.

Minimizes MSF Cost: To prepare for the recruiting process, MSF Accelerated Admissions allows you to take between 11 and 14 credit hours of MSF courses while you are still an undergrad. This includes the six hours that you will take in the August following admissions. While the primary reason is for recruiting competitiveness, MSF Accelerated Admissions also has the benefit of reducing the cost of the Program by up to 10% because the 14 hours of MSF courses taken while an undergrad is charged at the undergrad tuition rates.

Additional Benefits only for Sophomore Applicants:

More Specific Information:

The Accelerated Admissions Program Outline: After being admitted to the Program, students immediately take 6 hours in August and spread the remaining 5-8 hours of MSF coursework over the student’s remaining undergraduate coursework. These 11-14 hours of MSF coursework are reserved for graduate credit.

For Sophomores and Juniors Planning on Graduating in December: The MSF program has a spring entry option for students who are admitted in Accelerated Admissions. This does not apply to current seniors.

Contact the MSF office for more information about the A&M December graduates Accelerated Admissions course schedule and differences between the tracks.