Application Process


Prerequisites are not required at the time of application. Students who have been accepted and who are beginning MSF must have prerequisites completed by the end of TAMU-College Station Spring Semester following application.  AP/transfer credit is accepted.

Financial Accounting (one of these)
ACCT 209/229/640* | 3 hours | B or better

Micro (or Macro) Economics (one of these)
ECON 202 (or ECON 203) | 3 hours | B or better

Special Notes on Prerequisites:

  • ACCT 640 is an online course available to students in the application process and to newly admitted MSF students. Because the course is a 600-level course, it may be approved as a technical elective by your department. Check with your academic advisor to confirm.  This course is available to MSF students to take each Spring semester.  Freshmen planning to apply may take it Spring of freshman year.
  • ECON 202 and 203 are University Core Curriculum electives, so this prerequisite can count towards your undergraduate degree plan.
  • Contact Misty Page in order to register for ACCT 640.