Pillars of Success


Career development is our highest priority and fully integrated throughout the program.  It begins at Orientation and extends beyond graduation. Students benefit from a team effort between Program faculty and staff, the Mays Career Management Center (CMC) and the MSF Advisory Board.  Key components of our process include:

  • Self-Discovery and Goal Development: Using a structured program, we work with students to answer the three most important questions in career development. These questions are “Who am I? What do I want to do? and What do I want to achieve?” With answers to these three questions, students can develop a career plan and focus on the opportunities that are a best fit for them and their long-term goals.
  • Industry Exposure: In partnership with the Advisory Board of leading finance employers, we give our students the opportunity to learn directly from practitioners how they can best combine their undergrad degree with the MSF to achieve their career goals.  Some of the Advisory Board engagement opportunities include case studies, a dedicated MSF Career Day, employer classroom presentations, a winter break field-trip, and externship opportunities.
  • Practical Career Skills:  Building on our outstanding academic coursework, we provide students a range of practical career skills to stand out in the recruiting process and to excel in their internship(s) and/or full-time job. These skills include Excel/modeling, presentation/writing and how to handle both case and behavioral interviews.