Curriculum by Applicant Year

Required Curriculum for the Master of Science in Finance

The MSF curriculum provides an intense study in finance, with supporting coursework in accounting. It is a 36 credit hour curriculum beginning in August with a special mini-mester (MSF Boot Camp) and ending the following May. Twenty-four credit hours of required courses are completed during the fall and spring semesters. This includes a 6-hour practicum spread over the August Boot Camp and fall semester.  For the remaining 12 credit hours, students are required to take one Business Strategy elective, one Analytics elective, and two Advanced Finance electives.


Extended Two Year Program for International Students

International students may choose either the standard one year program or the extended two year program. The extended program is required for international students who do not have all the prerequisite courses completed at the time of application. The extended program allows students to spread the 36 credit hours over the course of 2 years. This provides the following benefits for students:

  • Greater time to get acclimated to U.S. business practices
  • Increased opportunity to work for Tier 1 employers

Contact the MSF office for more information on the course schedule.