Professional Program in Industrial Engineering (PPIE)

ISEN Majors:  Introducing the Professional Program in Industrial Engineering!

The Professional Program for Industrial Engineers (PPIE) is a flagship, high-impact addition to the MS Finance degree for students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISEN) at Texas A&M. Upon admission to the MS Finance program, ISEN students will be able to join the PPIE 3+2 track. The goal of PPIE is to offer students pursuing an ISEN degree the opportunity to minimize their graduate course hours and costs while enrolled in the MSF program by combining skills from both degrees in a more efficient manner and increasing a student’s marketability to employers.

“Giving access to both the College of Engineering and Mays Business School, PPIE has greatly expanded my career opportunities.  The combination of industrial engineering and finance is a perfect mixture for anyone looking to drive change and lead organizations.”
– Connor Watson, PPIE ’22



Program Benefits:

  • Fewer Combined Credit Hours: The PPIE Program reduces the total combined undergraduate and graduate credit hours for sophomore applicants from 164 to 155. Since the skills learned in Uncertainty Modeling for Industrial Engineering (ISEN 310) are relevant to the finance world, this course will count both towards the student’s undergraduate and graduate degree plans. Financial Reporting I and II (ACCT 327 and 328) count as technical electives for the ISEN undergraduate degree, and are dually credited.
  • Minimizes MSF Cost: Students enrolled in the PPIE Program will pay a single deposit instead of the three deposits required for students in other degrees. Also, the double-counted courses are priced at the undergraduate rate.
  • Single Graduation: The PPIE Program is the only MSF track that offers a single graduation for enrolled students, where students receive their undergraduate and graduate degrees in the same year. This minimizes family travel expenses and saves sitting through two graduation ceremonies.
“The knowledge and skills I’ve gained through industrial engineering courses have provided a strong technical background, but PPIE has added financial acumen and marketable business skills necessary for a successful job launch out of college. With both degrees, my value to employers increased exponentially.”
– Emma Wagenknecht, PPIE ’23


Next Steps for Prospective Applicants:

  • Attend a PPIE Information Session: As a TAMU sophomore, learn more about our Sophomore Start Program opportunity and how MSF can power your future career options. Opportunities that arise throughout the semester will be sent via email.  Additionally, we offer pre-ETAM Information Sessions for you to learn more about the Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISEN) degree and why it should be a major you strongly consider.
  • Apply to the MSF Program: Students interested in the PPIE track must FIRST be admitted to the MSF program. To review the admissions qualifications, click on the following link. Listed below are steps that can be taken today to move forward in the application process:
    • Reference our Home Page to begin your MSF application.
    • Schedule your GRE now.
    • Update your resume with recent experiences.
  • Talk to your ISEN Advisors: The academic advisors within the ISEN department can help integrate your undergraduate and MSF degree plans. To contact an ISEN advisor, refer to the following link.
  • To view the official course catalog for ISEN:  refer to the following link.

For further questions or to see if the program is right for you, contact Misty Page.