STEM to Stocks Guild

The STEM to Stocks Guild is a subsidiary of the MS Finance Program with the goal of teaching freshman and sophomore engineers more about business and how it will be involved in their future engineering careers.


High performing incoming freshman and sophomores at Texas A&M are invited to become members in late spring-summer before the beginning of the school year. Eligible students received an email to reserve their spot in this elite organization!

Perks of Being a Member

  • Resume Reviews
  • Career Fair Prep
  • Networking Roadshow with industry professionals
  • Exclusive access to Mays Business School clubs & events
  • Company presentations
  • Access to Masters level faculty and students

Meet the President

Haley Hefner
Mechanical Engineering '21, MSF '22
Hometown: Houston, TX
MSF Application Year: Sophomore

Summer 2020 Internship:
University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Company

"Having access to this guild my freshman year would have opened the door for exponential opportunities early on. So, I'm here to help all younger classmen reach their full potential."