Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame recognizes students, faculty, and staff that have made notable contributions both within and outside the program.

Passed CFA Level 3

As a CFA Institute University Affiliate Program participant, we incorporate the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge into the MSF curriculum. The CFA designation is highly respected in all areas of business.  We salute the MSF graduates who have passed all three exam levels of the CFA program.

Hammad Haider
MSF Class of 2018
Derek Janak
MSF Class of 2018
Nico Hurst
MSF Class of 2017

Ryan O’Connell
MSF Class of 2017
Jake Smith
MSF Class of 2017
Ian Oldham
MSF Class of 2016

Quinten Womack
MSF Class of 2015
Xin Xia
MSF Class of 2015

MSF Student Society Presidents

Since its beginning in 2014, students have played an integral role in the design, execution and success of the MSF Program via the MSF Student Society.  We want to acknowledge the selfless service of those who have served in the role of Society president.

Haley Hefner
MSF Class of 2022
Thomas Garcia
MSF Class of 2021
Cate Beckman
MSF Class of 2020
Madalaine Stulce
MSF Class of 2019
Michael Luu
MSF Class of 2018
Daniel Martin
MSF Class of 2017
Ian Oldham
MSF Class of 2016
Kevin Foreman
MSF Class of 2015

Small Town Excellence Award

In its inaugural year, the MSF Program Office recognizes one student from a small town who makes a big impact on the Program.


  • MaKenzie Breeze – MSF Class of 2021

High Impact Award

Each year the MSF Student Society recognizes individuals for their positive impact on the student experience in the Program.


  • Luke Jurecka – MSF Class of 2021


  • Haris Jaffer – MSF Class of 2021
  • Irma Yanez – MSF Class of 2020


  • MaKenzie Breeze – MSF Class of 2021


  • Marcella St. Romain – MSF Class of 2019
  • Dr. Shane Johnson – Thomas W. Leland Memorial Chair in Finance

Friends of the MSF Award

Each year the MSF Program Office recognizes those “unsung”  individuals whose support of the program are invaluable to its success.


  • Dr. Karen Butler-Purry, Associate Provost & Dean, Graduate & Professional Studies
  • Dr. Tim Dye, Clinical Professor & Assistant Department Head, Finance Dept.
  • Career Management Center


  • Allison Hayes, MSF Assistant Director, 2015-2020
  • Kelly Pampell, Business Administrator III, Finance Dept.

2014-2019 (5 Year Anniversary edition)

  • Mays Accounting Department  
  • Peter Veruki – MSF Steering Committee


  • Bailey Thomas – MSF Student Worker, MSF Class of 2019
  • Mark Cesarek – MSF Student Worker, MSF Class of 2019


  • Rebecca Itz – MSF Program Academic Advisor
  • Vivekvarma Sagi – Graduate Assistant, MSF Class of 2016
  • Dr. Bilal Erturk – Finance Professor


  • Brie Pampell – Creative Manager
  • Joe Sahinen – Graduate Assistant


  • Lois Carter – Trading, Risk, and Investment Program Associate Director
  • Angela Degelman – Masters Program Coordinator