Why the Mays MSHRM for Professionals Program?

Texas A&M and Mays Business School has made a significant impact upon the HR field for decades. Our existing program is highly ranked, nationally, and the corporate partnerships through our Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) allow us unique visibility into industry needs. CHRM Meetings with HR executives and recruiters in the Houston have revealed the need for a top-tier program that targets working professionals who desire to maintain their employment while improving their education.  This is largely driven by the increased demand for strategic, business-minded HR leaders. In a more competitive, global marketplace with trends such as digitalization leading to business transformations, firms are looking more to their HR functions to help drive performance and win in the marketplace. It is becoming clear, however, that many HR professionals lack the capabilities needed to be successful in the new paradigm.  

Our top Mays HR faculty, in partnership with HR executives from multiple industries, has designed this program to incorporate the best of what exists within our current program and combine it with cutting-edge thinking and practice.  The curriculum and approach are specifically designed for working professionals looking to be successful business leaders, not just typical HR practitioners.

Foundational Coursework:

The program provides fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective Human Resources professional. The curriculum includes a focus on key Human Resources processes, such as organizational staffing, legal compliance, HR analytics, talent management, total rewards, organizational behavior and change.

Focus on Business Leadership and Strategic Thinking:

The objective of the program is to equip our students to be successful business leaders. In addition to deepening their knowledge of HR functions, our students learn business strategy, financial acumen, analytics and organizational change skills necessary for them to create immediate value, be an active participant in successfully driving business results, and help their companies address the major current and future challenges faced.