Competency Model & Curriculum Highlights:

  • We proudly teach a foundational knowledge in business and HR, but we also develop our students into tomorrow’s leaders. Our Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) Board helped us develop a Core Competency Model, that helps make our students stand out amongst their peers. The competencies listed below are developed through the student’s coursework, in addition to professional development opportunities and coaching sessions:
    • Adaptability
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Business Savy
    • Drive to Learn & Achieve
    • Influential Communication
    • Relationship Management
  • Focus on four core skill areas: conceptual, technical, interpersonal, and communication.
  • Specialized HRM coursework alongside exposure to important components of management and functional areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations.

Curriculum and Course Layout:

  • 16 month, 37-credit hour
  • Full-time, non-thesis graduate program
  • 12 credit-hours (4 classes) per semester
  • 1 professional summer internship

Common Body of Knowledge Courses:

A general background in business courses is necessary to complete the MS-HRM program. If a student is lacking any of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses prior to starting our program, the courses must be successfully completed before a student finishes the program. The CBK courses are listed below and can be taken at any accredited institution:

  • Survey of Accounting Principles or Introductory Accounting
  • Survey of Marketing


Students may take a graduate-level elective, if necessary, depending on previous undergraduate coursework. Suggested electives include (but are not limited to):

  • International Business Policy
  • Negotiating in a Competitive Environment
  • Managing Projects