Return on Investment

Students who earn a Master of Science in Human Resource Management find they receive a significant return on their investment.

Job Placement
Our program has an unmatched track record of job placement. Every student finds a summer internship before the end of the Spring semester and secures a full-time position within a month after graduating.

Significant Starting Salary
Our program’s reputation keeps top organizations continuously returning to campus to hire our students. The average starting salary for our graduates is $79,000.

Opportunities for Advancement
Graduates of our program have many opportunities for career advancement within a decade of graduating. Many of our former students report securing a wide range of top professional positions at leading global companies.

“We recruit from the Mays MS-HRM Program because the students consistently hit the ground running when joining our company, and they perform at the top of the class in our development programs. They have the right Human Resource foundational knowledge, attitude and desire to succeed in a company that shares many of the core values of Texas A&M University.”

Trey Jackson

HR Director, Raytheon

*Data self-reported by students via survey. Includes our most recent graduated class from December 2015 consisting of 32 students.