Corporate Partnerships

The MS Marketing program has an 22-person Advisory Board whose members represent leading U.S. firms in industries ranging from accounting and energy to consulting and manufacturing. These advisory board members provide input to the program and students. Each student is assigned to a Board member who serves as the student’s “Corporate Mentor” throughout the program.

In addition, the MS Marketing program teams with a number of companies to participate in company-sponsored projects: Teams of students are matched with sponsoring firms for two semester-long projects. Students acquire hands-on experience working on real-world business projects, while developing strategic thinking and business leadership skills to prepare them for their careers.

“The MS Marketing students from Texas A&M have brought unique and valuable skills to Dell’s marketing team. Over the past 3 years, we’ve increased our involvement with the program – the analytical capabilities, understanding of branding, and overall marketing acumen has been top-notch. We have many Aggie marketers at Dell, and look forward to continuing that trend in years to come.”

-Tim Mixon

Director, Marketing Talent & Capabilities, Dell