Our program encourages students to have learning experiences outside the classroom and to interact with corporate marketing professionals. These opportunities include:

  • Corporate Mentor Program: A 23-member Advisory Board, representing some of the leading firms in the U.S., provides input to the program and students. Each student is assigned to a board member who serves as the student’s “Corporate Mentor” throughout the program.
  • Company-sponsored projects: Teams of MS-Marketing students are matched with sponsoring firms for two semester-long projects. Students acquire hands-on experience working on real-world business projects and develop strategic thinking and business leadership skills.
  • Close working relationship with the Center for Retailing Studies: The Center for Retailing Studies (CRS) enjoys a national and international reputation among retailing executives and has more than 60 corporate sponsors and partner firms. MS-Marketing students have the opportunity to meet and spend time with executives from many of these firms.