Communications Portal

The Student Services Office (SSO) communicates with all MIS and supply chain management students via eCampus. Students are made aware of important deadlines, scholarship and job opportunities, announcements of student activities and CMIS events, etc. through the INFO Student Services Communications Portal in eCampus.

When accessing this portal, students will see the following folders in the Course Content area:

  • Announcements
  • Internships
  • Full-Time Jobs
  • Local Part-Time Jobs

The department posts information in the appropriate folders. Students can access the folders at anytime to review the content.

Email Distribution Lists

In addition, we maintain four separate distribution groups within this portal: MS-MIS students, PPA-MIS students, undergraduate MIS students, and undergraduate supply chain management students. The same information that is posted in the folders will be sent to students through the email function within eCampus; however, the messages will be sent only to the students for whom they are directly relevant.

Students may notify the Student Services Office if they do not have access to the communications portal but would like to be added.