CIBS Funding for Travel

CIBS Funding for Travel

All applications for domestic and foreign travel funding must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to travel in order for us to review your application and obtain federal approval for travel funding. This includes travel to Canada and Mexico.

The Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) has a limited amount of travel funds to partially support Mays faculty and Mays doctoral students for

  1. Presenting international business research papers at recognized conferences,
  2. Conducting on-site international business research, and
  3. Collecting international data.

Preference will be given to Mays faculty and doctoral students who have received partial financial support from their department or from other sources. Grants will be limited to a maximum of $1,500.

STEP 1: Application Guidelines for Funding International Business Travel

Prepare the following information in written form and submit at least 60 days prior to travel or data collection.

  1. Your name, status (e.g. faculty or doctoral student, rank), and complete address including telephone number, email address, and mail stop number.
  2. Name, location, and dates of travel. Is this an annual meeting or a special conference?
  3. Outline your planned activities. If presenting a paper, please provide the title of the international business research paper and whether the conference organizers have accepted the paper. Identify any co-authors of the paper and whether they will also be attending the conference. Only one author will be eligible for funding. CIBS will not provide travel support for presentation of the same IB paper at different conferences. In addition, travel funds will not be available for participation as discussant and session chairs.
  4. Do you have alternative sources of funding (e.g., from your department, professorship), the College or from any other source? If yes, please state the amounts available and sources of funding. If no, explain why alternative sources are not available.
  5. Have you received travel funds from CIBS over the past 12 months? If yes, please detail the amounts, dates, and purposes/deliverables.
  6. Outline the benefits that you, your department, and CIBS would receive from your activity.
  7. Prepare an estimated travel budget. Include (1) registration fees, (2) meals and accommodations, (3) transportation costs, and (4) any other costs. Deduct the amounts available from other sources, and identify the amount requested from CIBS.
  8. Provide any other information you consider relevant to this decision.
  9. Submit application to: Dr. Julian Gaspar, Executive Director, CIBS, 230 Wehner, Mail Stop 4116 at least 60 days in advance of the travel date. Please route your request through your department head.

Once received, Dr. Gaspar will review each funding application and will reply by email notification regarding the application status and CIBS commitment.

Note: Foreign Travel Approval: Approval for travel funds must be acquired prior to travel or purchase of airline tickets. There are two Foreign Travel Approvals: 1) TAMU/Mays Business School approval and 2) Federal USDE approval. NOTE: Failure to receive federal foreign travel approval PRIOR to travel will result in non-reimbursement of your expenses.

  • TAMU/Mays Business School Approval is required for ALL foreign travel (except to Canada & Mexico). You must apply for this approval from the Dean’s Office using the online form found on the Mays Business School Intranet website (see FORMS section).
  • Federal Approval: The USDE must approve all foreign travel that will be reimbursed using Federal funds (CIBER or grant funding). Please contact CIBS as soon as you receive your CIBS commitment, but no later than 45 days prior to your travel by email so that we may request USDE travel approval. This approval is required for travel to Mexico and Canada as well.

STEP 2: Once Funding Has Been Awarded

CIBS International Business Research Travel Funding is from our CIBER federal funds, which have very specific guidelines that must be strictly followed. Therefore, the faculty member receiving the commitment should contact the CIBS Business Administrator for “funding guidelines” at least 45 days prior to traveling. Visit the CIBS Travel Resources page for important information in planning your trip.

STEP 3: Submitting Your Expenses for Reimbursement

The completed CIBS Travel Reimbursement Form, along with the receipts, should be turned in to CIBS for reimbursement within 30 days of your trip’s completion. If your expenses are being partially reimbursed by CIBS and by your department or from another TAMU account, please bring ALL your receipts to CIBS first and we will prepare the travel vouchers for both the CIBS commitment AND for your department.

Guidelines for submitting your expenses:

  1. Original receipts must be submitted for lodging, airfare, registration, and rental cars.
  2. Use the State of Texas Hotel Exemption Certificate when traveling within Texas.
  3. Use of American carriers on foreign trips is required for airfare reimbursement. Contact the CIBS office for details.
  4. Receipts are not required for meals or taxi fares, however, the traveler is requested to maintain a log to keep up with these expenses on a daily basis to simplify the completion of the travel reimbursement form at the end of the trip.
  5. ON THE LOG for meals, list the date and actual amount spent for meals. For taxi fares, list the date, the amount and where to and from. Taxi fare receipts are encouraged.
  6. Personal mileage will be reimbursed at the rate approved by the CIBS Executive Director up to the Federal Mileage Rate.
  7. Reimbursement rates for meals and lodging for domestic and foreign travel must fall within federal guidelines. See the Travel Resources section of this website and visit the links for the state department’s domestic or foreign per diem rates for specific travel destinations.
  8. Travelers are required to use state contract vendors for domestic lodging, airfare and car rental if the use of these vendors results in lower total travel costs. Travelers must provide a justifiable reason for not using a contract vendor if the contract vendor costs less than an alternative vendor.
  9. All trips to Washington D.C. must be documented prior to the trip. Contact CIBS with trip purpose and contacts.

CIBS FUNDING NOTICE: CIBS funding commitments do not carry forward and may not be used for another project or other travel that has not been specifically described in your application.

If circumstances change and you cannot make the trip that you have received the CIBS commitment for, we request that you notify the CIBS Business Administrator so we can cancel the CIBS commitment. If you need funding for future International Business research related travel, you are welcome to submit a new application for that travel.