European Union Area Studies

Courses below can be used to satisfy the non-business international course requirement for the Certificate in European Union Business. They may also satisfy the international (I), humanities (H) or general (GE) elective requirements in your curriculum program. Check with your academic adviser to verify use of these courses in your degree plan.

  • ECON 320 – Economic Development of Europe (GE,I)
  • HIST 324 – European Society in the Industrial Age (GE,H,I)
  • HIST 336 – Europe Since 1932 (GE,H,I)
  • HIST 338 – The Rise of the European Middle Class (GE,H)
  • HIST 339 – Eastern Europe Since 1453 (GE,H,I)
  • HIST 421 – European Intellectual History in the 20th Century (GE,H)
  • HIST 477 – Women in Modern European History (GE,H,I)
  • POLS 322 – Western European Governments and Politics (GE,I)
  • POLS 432 – The Politics of European Union (GE)
  • POLS 306 – Contemporary Political Problems & Issues (This is a variable topics course and requires prior approval.)