K-12 International Programs

The TAMU CIBE offers interdisciplinary programs to respond to the growing international needs of the Texas A&M community, the faculty at other colleges and universities and K-12 teachers in the region and nation-wide.

Scholastic Assistance for Global Education (SAGE) website resources for K-12 – SAGE provides K-12 teachers with the knowledge, skills and teaching materials to help prepare their students for living and working in global economy and a world that is becoming increasingly technologically and culturally integrated. The web site provides curriculum development and guides focusing on economics, social studies and global cultures as well as screened links to other educational sources on the web.

Office of International Outreach – Texas A&M – World Room Educational Outreach programs extend the scope of International Programs and Texas A&M University by sponsoring intensive workshops for K-12 teachers on global topics such as geography, current world affairs, science and technology issues, cultural awareness, international leadership and world history.