Mission statement

The Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) strives to enhance the global competitiveness of American businesses and accelerate the economic progress of the State of Texas, the Southwest region and the nation through its international education, research and outreach activities.

By providing nationally recognized international business education programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, CIBS prepares students to become international business leaders. The center is a national leader in developing innovative teaching techniques and comprehensive academic programs designed to train students to compete in the rapidly expanding global economy.

CIBS’ research programs are designed to promote the competitiveness of U.S. firms by improving understanding of the nature of the global marketplace and developing innovative strategies for competing internationally. The center supports the research efforts of faculty and advanced degree candidates in business, foreign languages, international studies and other disciplines to enhance the nation’s knowledge of the cultural and commercial dimensions of international business.

Through its outreach programs, CIBS offers international business, language and culture training for the business community by providing the information, skills and training needed to operate effectively within global markets. The center’s outreach programs also improve the international business understanding of other groups that are critical to its mission, including faculty administrators at other institutions of higher learning, policy makers, government officials, primary and secondary school teachers, and the media.