Scotland Entrepreneurship Faculty-Led Program

Travel to Scotland for 2 weeks with Management professor Michael Pace and earn 3 credit hours of course work!

Entrepreneurship is a mindset—how do you handle the intersection of ambition and uncertain and ambiguous situations? Join us as we journey to Scotland and learn what it takes to start a business! Scotland has a booming entrepreneurship effort underway, heavily focused on technology and healthcare, that is seeking to create jobs, generate wealth and breathe life into solutions for today’s challenges.

From our base in Glasgow, we will meet with startup companies and entrepreneurial leaders from across Scotland to learn from their experiences. Since culture plays a large role in the business realm, we will also venture out on excursions, including castles, battlefields and the (infamous) Loch Ness, to fully experience that unique Scottish culture.

Program Details

Program Dates

January 2 – 15, 2022

Application Deadline

September 1, 2021


  • Open to all majors
  • Sophomore (U2) classification or higher
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (UG)/3.0 (GR)
  • Attend all fall 2021 pre-departure meetings

Program Course

UG: MGMT/IBUS 457: Global Entrepreneurship (spring 2022)

GR: MGMT/IBUS 685: Directed Studies (spring 2022)

Estimated Cost

$5,760 (see breakdown of expenses below)

Scotland Estimated Expenses

Administrative fee (billed to Howdy)$500
Program fee* (billed to Howdy)$2,800
Round-trip airfare to Scotland (billed to Howdy)$1,500
A&M tuition (3 credit hours)Part of spring tuition
CFAR/IFAR coverage (estimated)$350
Passport fees$110
Personal expenses (varies)$500
Total Estimated Expenses$5,760
*Program fee includes accommodation, in-country travel, some meals, corporate and cultural visits and CIBS subsidy.


September 1, 2021

Scotland Entrepreneurship faculty-led program application deadline. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students will be notified of program acceptance through their A&M email address.

Confirm Participation

Once acceptance email has been received, the selected participant must return to their Education Abroad Portal application and confirm their participation or withdraw their application by the CIBS deadline.

Confirmed participants must pay the $500 administrative fee accessible through Howdy. Failure to pay the deposit by the CIBS deadline indicated in the acceptance email will result in withdrawal from the program.

The remaining program charges will be billed during the fall 2021 semester and tuition for the course will be billed in January 2022. Installment plans can be utilized if enrolled before the SBS deadline.

October – November 2021

Students must attend all mandatory pre-departure meetings to discuss program details and prepare for your Singapore experience. Meeting details will be shared via email by Dr. Pace.

October 2021

Students must pay the Scotland program fee of $2,800. Program fee payment will trigger the 21-day timeframe for purchasing Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)/Interrupt for Any Reason (IFAR) insurance.

October 12, 2021

University-Wide Scholarship application deadline for winter programs (applications open on September 10, 2021). Visit to apply to all eligible scholarships and financial aid.

If your FAFSA is current, you may request an Education Abroad Financial Aid Request Form from CIBS and meet with the Scholarships & Financial Aid office to request funding for the program.

January 2022

Students must pay A&M tuition fees for 3 credit hours. Failure to pay fees by A&M deadline will result in being dropped from the courses by the Registrar’s Office.

January 2, 2022

Depart for Scotland! Study global entrepreneurship and learn how to conduct business in Scotland through classroom instruction, corporate visits and cultural excursions.


For questions, please contact the CIBS office at or (979) 845-5234.