Student Testimonials

“Some of the “best days of our lives” are looked upon in retrospect after the moments have passed. Study abroad gave me the opportunity to live the most amazing experience of my life as it unfolded. Learning about international finance and the European Union is an incredibly resourceful tool in my belt, but the lessons I learned when I walked out of the classroom by seeing, doing, speaking, tasting, hearing, and living will forever be invaluable.” – Elise Raun ’20, Accounting, Summer Faculty-Led (France) 

“Interning at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh was nothing short of life changing. Studying micro-finance meant learning to personally help the poorest of the poor climb above the poverty line. At the end of the day, Grameen and Mays Transformational Leaders share a common value: the reason we work is to serve the people in society. In a world growing impersonal through technology, we need to hold these values close to heart. Thank you for supporting me through this aMaysing opportunity!” – Samuel Green ’21, Finance, Internship (Bangladesh)

“Traveling to Ecuador and Peru has been a once in a lifetime experience. This study abroad allowed me to broaden my horizons and see life in a different perspective. I am still amazed by the culture of each country, and seeing how genuine and welcoming their citizens are. This opportunity has made me more excited about my future career in business and I can’t wait to visit both countries again.” – Juan Gallegos ’20, Supply Chain Management, Summer Faculty-led (Ecuador & Peru)

“Traveling to China was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was amazing to see how a culture founded over 5000 years ago is still so vibrant today. My short trip abroad made an impact that will last a lifetime. It was interesting to learn about the evolving business environment of such a powerful country from its banking sector to its railroad system while making new friends along the way.” –Leslie Cortes ’19, Finance, Summer Faculty-Led (China)

“Studying abroad is an extremely unique experience. It allows you to completely immerse yourself in a different culture and learn through both classes and experiences. While in Finland, I was able to travel to beautiful places, try delicious foods, and meet new people. Speaking with classmates from all over the world allowed me to learn about other cultures and broaden my global perspective. On this trip, I made memories that I will never forget and friends that will last a lifetime.” –Gillian Tyack ’21, Supply Chain Management, Summer Faculty-led (Finland)

“It was all of the wonderful people I have met and amazing experiences I have encountered on my exchange that has given me the intercultural knowledge that I now possess. With this, I will continue to move forward and expand my knowledge in the business world now that I know how valuable it is to have this cultural awareness and know the ins and outs of others in different parts of the world.” –Ashley Bannwart ’20, Management, Reciprocal Exchange (France)