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“Studying abroad has helped broaden my global mindset and openness to different perspectives. People see the world completely differently than you and that is okay. Always listen to others and do not be afraid to share experiences you’ve had in life with others. I now have a better understanding of different cultures, languages, and food from around the world.”

Brittney Hryhorchuk, Marketing, Fall 2021 Reciprocal Exchange (Netherlands)


“Overall, my first two weeks in Strasbourg have been amazing. Although I am still adjusting to this foreign environment, the challenges I have faced so far have been valuable in helping me step out of my comfort zone and have some really great experiences. I am looking forward to challenging myself as an individual and I am excited for the rest of the semester here in France!”

Rachel Braden, Supply Chain Management, Spring 2022 Reciprocal Exchange (France)


“I have had a great experience bonding and learning with my fellow Aggies. They are great individuals and I really enjoy this group of people. From the bus rides to the business visits, there are never dull moments. They make the trip an even better experience and I am happy that I attended this program. I look forward to learning more about Portugal and the great culture that they have here. Obrigado!”

Carlos Valero, Management, Winter 2022 Faculty Led (Portugal)


“I joined this study abroad because someone once told me, “You can travel all your life, but you will never be as young and free as you are now and that’s special.” I now know what he means. With no obligations except those I gave myself, I was able to fully submerge myself in the culture and take back with me qualities I never thought of having. From dressing up for the most casual events, to sitting down to enjoy a nice meal for a while. I have taken this study abroad for everything it had. I fully encourage anyone thinking of traveling to do so and find those little things that make it unique to you. I have grown within this past month in a manner that can only come from being away from home.”

Halie Hennessy, Marketing, Summer 2021 Faculty Led (Spain)