Student Testimonials

“Thank you for your generous support of my study abroad exchange to New Zealand last semester. … I feel extremely blessed by this experience you have afforded me. My courses there challenged me and broadly expanded my world view. I enjoyed each one and learned more than I thought possible!”
– Lauren Gainer ’15, Business Honors

“I had a great experience abroad and grew so much as a person.”
– Clay Martin ’15, BBA & MS Accounting

“I cannot thank you enough for your comprehensive support of my Reciprocal Exchange to Barcelona. This was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life, and permanently shaped the way I view myself, others, and God. … This experience enabled me to build relationships with people from all around the world and see beautiful sights, and view my degree plan in a new light.”
– Leah Mendes ’15, Business Honors & Marketing

“I am no stranger to travel, and although I have had all of these experiences, none have impacted me the way my time in Spain has. My reciprocal exchange program exposed me to different world views, ideas, and lifestyles, and has allowed me to enter the lives of the most wonderful people. I learned to see the world through a new lens.”
– Travis Welwood ’13, Business Honors & Finance

“I had a wonderful experience studying abroad at Maastricht University! Thank you for this unique opportunity and rewarding experience. My time in the Netherlands has been the highlight of my college experience!”
– Erin Kaufman ’15, Supply Chain Management

“The knowledge and tools I have acquired during this exchange will undoubtedly have a profound effect on both my personal and professional life. It is with this broadened perspective, gained both from the classroom as well as the immersing and experiencing aspects of living among different cultures for eight months, that I now move forward with my education, career, and life in general.”
– Michael Miller ’15, Management

“The four months I spent abroad were without a doubt some of the most amazing times of my life! Being submerged into a foreign culture forces you to learn many things about yourself, your culture, appreciation of diversity, and life in general. … Before I left, everyone told me it was going to be one of the best decisions of my entire life. They were wrong; it was THE best decision I’ve ever made.”
– Karlee Scheel ’15, Marketing