Community Outreach

Community Outreach – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission: Big Brothers Big Sisters, is driven by a single goal; to do their part in defending the potential children in our community. Their mentoring program builds relationships that last a lifetime and make a positive impact of both Bigs and Littles.

Sales Club’s Mission in Partnership with BBBS: To serve children in our community by providing tools and resources of a sales professional and allow our members to experience the impact of mentoring others.

Program Highlights

1. BBBS youth members learned the importance of believing in what they may sell.

2. BBBS youth members learned the 4 Ps of marketing and how to apply those to different products/scenarios.

3. BBBS youth members received 1-on-1 coaching from Sales Club members to craft and create an up to date resume. Sales club members helped BBBS youth members dive into their skill sets and understand their strengths. Members coached them on how to sell those personal features in an interview.

4. BBBS youth members presented themselves in an 8-minute interview with judges. They were scored on their ability to speak confidently, market properly, translate features to benefit the audience, and finally ask for the sale!


How will Sales Club be serving Big Brothers Big Sisters? Sales Club members will be leading a discussion on various marketing/sales topics to Big Brothers Big Sisters youth members.

How can I get involved? Join Sales Club! You can contact Sales Club President, Sofi Villalvazo, or Sales Club Staff Advisor, Johnna Melton, with questions on how to get involved.