Community Outreach

Community Outreach – Philanthropy


Community Outreach – High School and Middle School

MISSION: To serve local middle and high school students by presenting them with professional development topics and to allow Sales Club members the experience of presenting to a specific group.



What are the topics for the presentations? Some presentation topics include goal setting, sales skills everyone should have, communication, personal branding and finding your strengths.

Where and who are you serving? Middle or high school students within the Bryan-College Station area.  Presentations can be to class groups, teams, or student organizations.

Who will be giving the presentations? Active TAMU Sales Club members.

Is there a cost associated with the presentations? No, all presentations are free for our audiences.

Who can I get into contact with if I have questions or would like to book a presentation? Staff Adviser for the Sales Club, Glynna Nickle, can answer questions or book a presentation for your group.