Glenn Gaines

Sales Director – South and Southeast Regions

Schneider Electric

Glenn Gaines launched his career as an officer with Bank of America. Entering into sales shortly after, “I have never looked back.” Over his three-decade-long career, he has held various leadership positions including Vice President of Sales, President, and CEO.

Now, the Director of U.S. Sales for the South and Southeast Region for Schneider Electric, Glenn leads sales teams in 10 states and is responsible for an annual sales revenue between $100-150M. “While my job description may talk of maximizing profits or increasing market share (which is accurate), to me, my job is very simple: I aim to create an environment where each of my team members can succeed while striving to please our clients 100% of the time.”

Glenn considers his greatest accomplishment, both professionally and personally, as having provided well for his family without compromising his principles, all while striving to help others achieve their goals.

Passionate about giving back, in his free time, he serves in several ministry organizations. “I have been blessed to be able to focus on priorities that are eternal and not temporary, allowing me to contribute and enjoy an amazing journey thus far.

Currently, he serves as a Board Member for both e3 Partners/I Am Second Ministries and Redeeming the Time Ministry, and as Chairman of the Finance Committee for Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas.

Glenn graduated from Baylor University with a BBA and concentrations in both Finance and Real Estate. He enjoyed many of his college classes and experiences, but “without question, my greatest Baylor experience was meeting my future wife our Freshman year.” They recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary.

There are many pieces of best advice Glenn could share. First, make sales a game. Rather than unnecessarily stressing yourself out chasing a paycheck, compete against yourself and your peers – enjoy the game. Second, learn to love the word, next. Win or lose, learn from the next experience and quickly move onto your next opportunity.