Professional Distinction in Sales

The Sales Leadership Institute aims to provide Texas A&M students the opportunity to develop sales skills by means of networking, training, and real-world experience. By participating in our events, not only are you gaining valuable skills, but you are also earning points toward a Professional Distinction in Sales.

For the distinction, you are required to earn 400 points spread among three categories. 100 of those points must be from networking, 100 must be from training and 100 must be from experience. The other 100 points are open for you to decide.

What You'll Earn

With your first semester distinction, you are awarded a Mays Business School name tag with a distinction ribbon. You may earn the Professional Distinction in Sales for four semesters, and once you do, you receive a medal to wear at your commencement ceremony.  You may also state "Professional Distinction in Sales - one semester" (or up to four) on your resume.

Small banner and Sales CupThe Sales Cup is the competitive part of the Professional Distinction in Sales program.  In addition to earning the professional distinction, students will be competing for cash awards for earning the most points within each division.  The Sales Cup competition will be divided into four divisions based on classification.  (All U1 students will compete against other U1 students.  All U2 students will participate against U2 students, etc.) The overall winner of the Sales Cup will be based on points earned during the Fall and Spring semesters of the current academic year. We will also offer prizes for the top points earners each individual semester. Prizes for the Sales Cup will be awarded at the END of each semester and the END of the academic school year.

The Overall Sales Cup Champion will earn an additional $1,000 plus their own personal Sales Cup trophy, as well as have their name placed on the Sales Cup kept in the Reynolds & Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute office.

Distinction points are tabulated in Canvas.  You are encouraged to keep track of your points throughout the semester to ensure we have an accurate accounting of all points.

Congratulations to our 2022 Sales Cup Champion Jolie Branch!