Professional Distinction in Sales



The Sales Leadership Institute aims to provide Texas A&M students the opportunity to develop sales skills by means of networking, training, and real-world experience. By participating in our events, not only are you gaining valuable skills, but you are also earning points toward a Professional Distinction in Sales.

For the distinction, you are required to earn 400 points spread among three categories. 100 of those points must be from networking, 100 must be from training and 100 must be from experience. The other 100 points are open for you to decide.


Find the list of Fall 2019 Sales Distinction opportunities here! 


What You’ll Earn

With your first semester distinction, you are awarded a Mays Business School name tag with a distinction ribbon. You may earn the Professional Distinction in Sales for four semesters, and once you do, you receive a medal to wear at your commencement ceremony.  You may also state “Professional Distinction in Sales – one semester” (or up to four) on your resume.

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Small trophyWhen you attend our events, you also have the opportunity to participate in our Sales Cup.  The Sales Cup is a fun and competitive way to earn money prizes.  Competition is divided up by graduating class and prizes are awarded each semester to the highest point earner in each division.  You are automatically entered in the  Sales Cup competition when you start earning points towards the Professional Distinction in Sales.  Use this link for more information on the Sales Cup.