Professional Selling Board

We have invited our graduates to participate on our board to share a few sentences about their experience with the Sales Leadership Institute (formerly the Professional Selling Initiative), and also give some advice to current students.  They have agreed to receive email from students if there should be any questions about the companies they are now working for, or have questions about the career path that they chose.

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Gilbert BermeaGilbert Bermea ’18
Financial Advisor Trainee – Tejas Financial Advisors
2017-2018 Sales Cup Champion

The Professional Selling Initiative completely reshaped the way I view sales. It not only helped me understand how to use a formal selling process, but also provided opportunities for me to put those processes into practice by participating in role plays, competing in sales competitions and networking with recruiters. I would advise students to take full advantage of the many opportunities this program offers to help you get a good job and to build a good set of skills to use in real world selling situations.

Jennie BotteronJennie Botteron ’18
Sales Trainee – Reynolds and Reynolds

The Professional Selling Initiative pushed me to attend and participate in events that I would not have known about otherwise. It was a great way to network with a multitude of different companies and make great connections to start your career search. My advice would be to go to the events that make you uncomfortable because usually those are the ones that you gain the most out of. Definitely get to know some of the people that work for the companies and keep in contact with them. My advice for students that are interested in Reynolds and Reynolds specifically would be to do research beforehand on the company and come into the interview and testing process over-prepared.

Zach Collmann

Zach Collmann ’18
Sales Trainee – Anheuser-Busch InBev

I hadn’t considered sales until I took the MKTG 335 (Professional Selling) class and found that it fit my personality. Professor Loring encouraged me to attend Speed Networking, a simple, no-pressure opportunity to engage with the recruiters, and this made it easier to converse with the company representatives at the career fair.  I recommend making those relationships before the career fair to help you stand out. I also competed in the TAMU Collegiate Sales Competition and it was a great opportunity to apply what I had learned in MKTG 335 & 435 (plus it was nice to earn a little prize money.) My advice to students is to make connections with recruiters early on, take advantage of the events offered by the Professional Selling Initiative and participate in the Sales Club.

Kat CoxKat Cox ’18
Sales Trainee – Anheuser-Busch InBev

Like many, sales was never a career option I considered until I had the opportunity to be exposed to it. The Professional Selling Initiative exposed me to the sales world and allowed me to understand what a future career could look like in this profession. PSI gave me a network of people, both professors and students, that allowed me to grow in my career goals and skills.

What advice do you have for students? The first thing I would advise students is never stop looking for ways to develop and learn. Even if its a company or career you want nothing to do with, ask questions and learn as much as possible. The more you know about the business world, the more successful you will be able to navigate it. The most important thing I learned in college was your network is your net worth and no statement is truer than at A&M. Reach outside of your social bubble and get to know people, because you never know when you can help people or they can help you.

Madelyne DunnMadelyne Dunn ’18
Account Executive – Schneider Electric

The Professional Selling Initiative gave me an abundance of opportunities to help me grow both personally and professionally. Events such as Speed Networking and lunch-and-learns not only offered a simple way to meet and network with company representatives, they also fostered relationships between students and their classmates and professors. Ultimately, being part of PSI led me to find an account executive job at Schneider Electric simply because Mr. Loring knew my strengths enough to introduce me to a company with similar values. If you are graduating soon, don’t forget that it’s not over until it’s over! Be present and be diligent. Your work ethic reveals a lot about you! If you are interested in Schneider Electric, REACH OUT! I’d love to chat.

Kyle FlahertyKyle Flaherty ’18
B2B Technology Sales Trainee – AT&T

The Professional Selling Initiative taught me how to sell myself to recruiters, how to be confident in uncertain situations, and how to lead and mentor other students. When investigating potential employers, I would advise students to prioritize the top four things you want from the company you work for. My top four were, 1. advancement opportunity, 2. the ability to work in different industries while still working for the one company, 3. office culture fit, and 4. financial potential. Those four things helped me to decide to work for AT&T.

Paige LewisPaige Lewis ’18
Management Trainee – Cintas

The Professional Selling Initiative helped develop and grow my skills preparing me for a career in sales. The opportunities and events within PSI offer a real world sales experience that can’t be fostered through a textbook alone. I was able to network with many recruiters, learn about their companies, and better understand what a career in sales would look like.  My advice to students in sales is to stay motivated. The more involved you are, the greater you can develop yourself. Stay positive and open to any opportunities you are presented with. My position as a management trainee allows me to experience every aspect of the business with a large portion devoted to sales.

Taylor MullenTaylor Mullen ’18
Buyer – Sims Metal Management

The Professional Selling Initiative gave me the tools I need to have a successful career in sales. Role-plays were a real-world practice of my selling skills. I met a number of great fellow students and had numerous excellent networking opportunities in the Professional Selling Initiative. The advice I would give is to let negatives be learning experiences. Remain positive and confident and you will get where you want to be.


Renee Richardson

Renee Richardson ’18
Account Executive – Goosehead Insurance

The Professional Selling Initiative helped me to network effectively and taught me about different industries. I loved participating in the Sales Competition and being challenged in a competitive environment. I would tell students do not limit yourself to one industry or title. Explore different opportunities and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith ’18
Sales Leadership Development Program – E & J Gallo

The Professional Selling Initiative developed my necessary skills to be successful in a starting sales role. We were constantly immersed in real life situations, such as role-plays and sales competitions, and with real companies.  This gave me a chance to practice selling in low pressure situations. I would urge all students to make the most of these selling opportunities whether they are going into sales or not. You will learn basic needed sales skills used on a daily basis in order to be successful in your career.