Sales Club Officers

Brooke Wright - President

Howdy! My name is Brooke Wright and I am a Junior Marketing major with a focus in Professional Selling and Sales Management. I have emersed myself within the Texas A&M culture by being a member of the Sales Club, Aggie Angels and the Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Team. I have a deep passion for the Sales Club because it is a way for students to grow professionally and personally. The club has provided me many opportunities to learn and develop as a future sales professional. I have a passion for building relationships with others and I am looking forward to continuing this with our members throughout the year.
Kenzi Reina - Vice President

Howdy! My name is Makenzi Reina and I am a Senior Marketing Major with a concentration in Professional Sales and Sales Management. I am also pursuing a minor in Agricultural Economics. I have a deep passion for building relationships and seeing my impacts first hand which have led me to the sales world. I am excited to serve the Sales Club this year as Vice President. I hope to continue growing the club and help others feel as welcomed and at home as I do here at Texas A&M.
Jackson Comer - Treasurer

Howdy, My name is Jackson Comer I'm a Junior Sports Management major with a Minor in Business. In my free time, I am a very avid hunter and spend most weekends at my ranch. I am also a huge Aggie Football fan. Sales is something that I have always been passionate about. The Texas A&M Sales Club is a great opportunity for me and the other members to get fully embraced in the future of sales. I am very passionate about the future of the Sales Club and look forward to bringing many new opportunities to the table. I can't wait to serve as the Sales Club Treasurer this upcoming year.
Caitlyn Bracher - Philanthropy Officer

Howdy! My name is Caitlyn Bracher, I am from Deer Park, Texas, and I am a Junior Marketing major with a concentration in Professional Sales and Sales Management. I have the privilege of serving as the Philanthropy Officer for the Sales Club this coming year. I am also heavily involved with my sorority, Kappa Delta, as well as serving as a Staff Assistant with The Big Event. In my free time, I enjoy being with the ones I love, watching movies, and going to Disney World. I have a passion for serving others, and I am so excited to impact the community around me through the Texas A&M Sales Club!
Andrew Balod - Communications Officer

Howdy, my name is Andrew Balod! I’m from Grapevine, Texas. I’m a Junior Marketing Major on the Sales Track here at Texas A&M. I’ll be serving as the Communications Officer for the Sales Club this year! In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, disc golf, and all things Dallas Cowboys. I’m excited to be part of what I anticipate to be the biggest and best year for the Sales Club yet!
Tania Arevalo - Programming Officer

Howdy! My name is Tania Arevalo. I am a Communication major, minoring in Business and I’m planning on going the Marketing/Sales route as a career. I decided to join the SALES club because it offered a majority of the elements that I am looking for in an organization that I am beyond excited to be part of here at Texas A&M. Being selected as an officer for this club is an honor. I’m looking forward for the great opportunity to expand my networking and knowledge with other experienced individuals and Aggies who are also working in a similar career field. Joining and being able to lead in this position and learn more about what things as an individual I can accomplish but also what I can get my team to accomplish together as one is an awesome feeling. I am confident that trough SALES club, I will be able to gain valuable knowledge, professional experience, resume-building tools, hands-on performance, unforgettable and fun moments, and overall it would mean finding a support system such as a family away from home. Which is with a big smile on my face, I say that I positively look forward to delivering you guys my best work for the hyper-growth and success of this organization.