Professional Distinction in Sales – Events & Points

To earn Professional Distinction in Sales for Fall 2022, you must earn 400 total points (including 100 points in each category). Check our site and Canvas often as we are always adding opportunities! Click this link to sign up for Professional Distinction in Sales.


  • A job or internship is worth from 100-250 points. Points are allocated based on a combination of the number of hours worked a week and the sales skills/experience earned while working.


  • Externships are worth 50-100 points
    • Points are determined based on the details of the Externship – Did you have to travel anywhere, how long was it, etc.

Sales Competitions

  • 100 Experience Points
  • Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition.
  • Bonus points awarded for winning

Speed Networking

  • 50 Networking Points
  • Limited spots available

Sales Career Fair

  • 50 Experience Points

Etiquette Dinner

  • 50 Training Points
  • Limited spots available

An Evening with Women in Sales

  • 50 Networking Points
  • Limited spots available, RSVP required.


  • 20 Training Points for first time
  •  Experience. Students get to choose, but points cannot be split
  • Limited spots available

Immersion Program – Hosted by Sales Leadership Institute

  • 200 points for entire Program

Team Problem Solving Challenge

  • 100 Experience Points
Turn in your point requests by using Canvas!
If you have questions, please contact Johnna Melton at