Sales Cup – Events & Points

Fall 2019 Professional Distinction Opportunities

To earn Professional Distinction in Sales for Fall 2019, you must earn 400 total points.

Turn in your point requests by using eCampus.

Read below for more information about submitting complete information.  
If you have  questions, please contact Lexi Crabtree at

Calendar of Point Opportunities

Internships: Worth 250 points.   Must be sales-related.  After the internship, include information in the above submission form.

Lynda Courses: 10 points each.  ♦ You can earn up to 100 points through this opportunity.  16 courses have been selected for the summer playlist – each is approx 1 hour in length.   Access the Lynda playlist here! ♦ To earn points, select a course to watch. ♦ Once a course is complete, write a one-page, double-spaced reflection on the course you selected. In your reflection, explain how the information you learned applies to you and your career.   

Externships: Worth 100 points. ♦ Must be sales-related. ♦ After the externship, include information in the above submission form.

Sales Club Meeting Attendance: 150 points if you attend and sign-in to every Sales Club meeting. Find Sales Club meeting dates, times and locations here!

Following us on Social Media: Follow us! Each follow is worth 10 points.  Instagram: @tamu_sales  LinkedIn: Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute Join our Texas A&M Sales Club LinkedIn group for 10 points!

Sales Career Fair: Worth 50 points. Find more information through this link. Register for Speed Networking for 100 points here!

AggiesCALL: AggiesCALL is our call center. Students will attend a one hour training for 10 points and 15 points for every hour they are calling. To sign up for a training follow this link. If you have questions please contact Adriana Sosa Wade




If you have questions about your points, please contact Lexi Crabtree