Dr. Charles M. Futrell Scholarship

The late Charles M. Futrell was a Professor of Marketing in Mays Business School from 1976 to 2014.  Before beginning his academic career, Professor Futrell worked in sales and marketing capacities for eight years with the Colgate Company, The Upjohn Company, and Ayerst Laboratories.  Dr. Futrell was an esteemed researcher and earned several research awards. He also wrote, or co-wrote eight successful books for the college and professional audience. At Texas A&M Dr. Futrell gained a distinguished reputation as a classroom instructor, mentor, researcher and author who generously shared his teaching materials with others. He received wide recognition for his contributions to the fields of personal selling, sales management, research methodology and marketing management. One of his most significant scholarly innovations was his study of faith-based marketing and his incorporation of Christian principles, especially the Golden Rule, in his teaching, research and publications. Upon his retirement from the Texas A&M faculty in April 2014, the Marketing Department announced the establishment of the Dr. Charles M. Futrell Scholarship in his honor.

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