Sell Your Story

The Sell Your Story program is a collaboration between Freshman Business Initiative (BUSN 101) and the SALES LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE to provide an opportunity for freshmen to develop their own unique professional introductions.

BUSN 101 students are provided with materials to help craft their elevator-pitch style professional introduction. Students then complete a 15-minute appointment where they can practice introducing themselves and get feedback on their pitch from a business professional or advanced student.

"Tell me about yourself."

  1. Learn how to craft your answer to this question with the SELL YOUR STORY Student Instructions & Coaching.
  2. Sign up for a 15-minute appointment in the Sales Lab (157 Wehner)  [Sign-ups available through your instructor]
  3. Practice your elevator-pitch style introduction before your appointment
  4. During your appointment, your facilitator will ask you, "Tell me about yourself," and you will deliver your practiced pitch.  The rest of the time is for questions, feedback, and advice.