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Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition

Congratulations to our 2019 winners!

Earn 100 points towards your Professional Distinction in Sales for participating!

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For the last ten years the Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition has brought together students from across the Texas A&M Campus to compete in a two-day three-round contest of sales skills. Corporate sponsors participate as mock buyers and judges for the competition.

In Round One, dozens of students face off in individual role-play scenarios and sponsors score performances until ultimately the top twenty are chosen and announced at a banquet and networking event on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, the top twenty competitors face off once again for Round Two.

For Round Three, the top four competitors give one final performance while the judges determine who wins the competition.

In all rounds, students are provided with written feedback comments from the judges.  This information is vital to their continued development as a sales professional.