Mays is recognized among the top public business schools for its undergraduate program, MBA programs, and faculty research contributions.

Mays Business School

  • 5th business school for networking, GraduatePrograms.com (2015)
  • 9th U.S. overall, Best for Vets, Military Times (2016)

Undergraduate Program

  • 3rd public (5th overall), Employer Survey, Bloomberg Businessweek (2014)
  • 9th public (29th overall), Bloomberg Businessweek (2014)
  • 20th public (tied 31st overall), U.S. News & World Report “Best Business Programs”(2018)

Full-Time MBA Program

  • 1st U.S. overall (19th in world), Best Value for Money, Financial Times (2014)
  • 4th U.S. public (18th overall), Bloomberg Businessweek (2016)
  • 8th U.S. public (15th U.S. overall), Financial Times (2015)
  • 8th U.S. public (56th in world), Best Global MBAs for Mexicans, Expansión (2016)
  • 9th U.S. public (27th overall), U.S. News & World Report (2016)
  • 9th U.S. public (24th overall), Forbes (2015)
  • 11th U.S. public (58th U.S. overall), Aims Achieved, Financial Times (2014)
  • 12th U.S. public (31st U.S. overall), Best Graduate Schools, U.S. News & World Report (2017)

Executive MBA Program

  • 1st public in Texas, 1st in salaries among Texas public schools, 1st in work experience among Texas public schools,  8th U.S. public, 19th in U.S. overall, Financial Times, (2016)
  • Recognized as a top worldwide executive MBA program, Bloomberg Businessweek (2013)

Ph.D. Program

  • 8th U.S. public, (13th overall in the U.S.), Financial Times (2015)

Faculty Scholarship

  • 8th U.S. public (15th overall in the U.S.), Financial Times (2015)

Department of Accounting

  • Public Accounting Report (2017)
    • 9th nationally for undergraduate programs 
    • 10th nationally for master’s programs
    • 9th nationally for doctoral program
  • 6th U.S. public (11th overall), The Accounting Degree Review (2014)
  • 14th best masters in accounting, College Choice (2015)
  • 5th best graduate university for accounting professionals, LinkedIn (2015)
  • 2nd U.S. public program (10th overall globally), Financial Times (most recent ranking, 2015)
  • 3rd best Master’s and MBA Rankings, Eduniversal Best Masters (2015-16)
  • Tied 12th public graduate program (tied 28th overall), U.S. News & World Report (2012)
  • Tied 15th public undergraduate program (25th overall), U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • Accounting Program Research Rankings by Topical Area and Methodology, Brigham Young University (2015)
    • Ranked #3 in the nation for overall archival research published in the past 6 and 12 years.
    • Ranked #2 and #1 in the nation for tax archival research published in the past 6 and 12 years, respectively.
    • Ranked #5 and #6 in the nation for financial archival research published in the past 6 and 12 years, respectively.
    • Ranked #6 and #12 in the nation for audit archival research in the past 6 and 12 years, respectively.

Department of Finance

  • 4th, Best Bachelor’s in Finance degree programs, College Choice (2016)
  • 5th in U.S., 10th globally, Best Master’s in Real Estate, Eduniversal Best Masters (2017)
  • 7th best Master of Science in Finance Program in the world, Eduniversal Best Masters (2017)
  • 7th in U.S., Master of Science in Finance & “Trading, Risk & Investments Program” (TRIP), Eduniversal Best Masters (2017)
  • 15th best Master of Science in Finance Program in the U.S., The Financial Engineer (2016)

Department of Information and Operations Management

  • 16th U.S. public (22nd overall), Gartner Research – Leading U.S. Supply Chain Programs (2014)

Department of Management

  • 12th U.S. public (17th overall) management programs, U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • 2nd, Best Master’s in Human Resources degree programs, College Choice (2016)

Department of Marketing

  • 2nd, Best Master’s in Marketing degree programs, College Choice (2017)