The Effects of Mobile Apps on Shopper Purchases and Product Returns


Do mobile apps influence shopper purchases and product returns? We model the effects of app adoption in the context of a large omnichannel retailer with 32 million shoppers. We leverage the launch […]

Cuba Business Acceleration & Incubation


Two semester project (Fall 2016 / Spring 2017) with Dr. Stephen McDaniel to explore entrepreneurship education opportunities in collaboration with a joint project of The University of Havana and Humboldt University, as […]

Outpatient Appointment Block Scheduling Under Patient Heterogeneity and Patient No-Shows


We study outpatient appointment block scheduling policies for single providers under conditions of patient heterogeneity in service times and patient no-shows. The objective is to find daily appointment schedules that minimize a […]


Traffic-based labor planning in retail stores


Staffing decisions are crucial for retailers since staffing levels affect store performance and labor-related expenses constitute one of the largest components of retailers’ operating costs. With the goal of improving staffing decisions […]

Learning to Collaborate through Collaboration: How Allying with Expert Firms Influences Collaborative Innovation with Novice Firms


Strategic alliances have been recognized as a means for firms to learn their partners’ proprietary knowledge; such alliances are also valuable opportunities for partner firms to learn tacit organizational routines from their […]

The New Diagnosis Bundle: Improving Care Delivery for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Cancer


Abstract A new cancer diagnosis is almost universally disorienting and frightening. It therefore is not surprising that anxiety and depression are highly prevalent among newly diagnosed patients1 and that the need for […]

Traffic-Based Labor Planning in Retail Stores


Staffing decisions are crucial for retailers since staffing levels affect store performance and labor-related expenses constitute one of the largest components of retailers’ operating costs. With the goal of improving staffing decisions […]

When 1 + 1 > 2: How Investors React to New Product Releases Announced Concurrently with Other Corporate News


Firms routinely use press releases to announce the launch of their new products. An examination of these press releases shows that in approximately 7% of cases, firms issue new product announcements concurrently […]

Essentials for Improving Service Quality in Cancer Care


Introduction Some 1.6 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer in 2015, according to American Cancer Society estimates, at an annual cost exceeding $125 billion.1,2 Despite breathtaking scientific achievements in diagnosis and treatment, […]

On-shelf availability, retain performance, and external audits: A field experiment


A potential answer to retailer’s shelf out-of-stocks (OOS), where the item is in store but customers cannot find it, is to employ third-party service providers to execute audits and corrections. However, given […]

Interpreting the Stock Returns to New Product Announcements: How the Past Shapes Investors’ Expectations of the Future


Investors routinely follow firms’ communications and actions in order to form expectations about the future performance of firms. The authors propose a set of firm and industry characteristics that influence the formation […]

The Branding of Palliative Care


Introduction Palliative care provides relief from the physical and emotional suffering associated with serious illness. It offers an extra layer of support to patients, family caregivers, and treating clinicians.1,2 When used early […]

Managing the Clues in Cancer Care


After building a strong relationship with her medical oncologist and giving informed consent for intensive chemotherapy, a middle-aged woman with newly diagnosed large cell lymphoma was ushered through an unmarked door into […]

Pricing Model for Hybrid Bundles: Analytical Model and Insights


Retailers are increasingly offering hybrid bundles — products that combine both good(s) and service(s). Some hybrid bundles, such as Lowe’s flooring that combines flooring material (good) and flooring installation (service) are sold […]

Customer Satisfaction and Long-Term Stock Returns


We reexamine the relation between customer satisfaction (measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)) and long-term stock returns, using statistical tests that are well-specified in the presence of industry clustering. Our […]

Friends or Strangers? It All Depends on Context: A Replication and Extension of Beckman, Haunschild, and Phillips (2004)


The formation of interorganizational ties is a consequential phenomenon examined in strategic management research. Beckman, Haunschild, and Phillips (2004) is one of the first studies to comprehensively consider interorganizational network change by exploring factors that […]

Mobile Shopper Marketing: Key Issues, Current Insights, and Future Research Avenues


The intersection of mobile marketing and shopper marketing, known as mobile shopper marketing, is a rapidly evolving area. We formally define mobile shopper marketing as the planning and execution of all mobile-based […]

Mobile Marketing: The Way Forward


Firms spent about a quarter of their digital budget on mobile, and mobile will contribute nearly a quarter of all digital revenues in 2015 (eMarketer 2015). Mobile marketing has grown substantially in […]

Seeing the forest for the trees: Institutional environment impacts on reimbursement processes and healthcare operations.


Healthcare reimbursement processes perform an annual multi-trillion dollar task to remunerate healthcare organizations, physicians, and patients. Healthcare reimbursement entails coding, billing, and payment processes based on care pro- vided to patients. As […]

Managing Enterprise Risks of Technological Systems: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis of Vulnerability Characteristics as Drivers of Exploit Publication


Enterprises experience opportunistic exploits targeted at vulnerable technology. Vulnerabilities in software-based applications, service systems, enterprise platforms, and supply chains are discovered and disclosed on an alarmingly regular basis. A necessary enterprise risk […]

The Activities of Buy-Side Analysts and the Determinants of Their Stock Recommendations


We survey 344 buy-side analysts from 181 investment firms and conduct 16 detailed follow-up interviews to gain insights into the activities of buy-side analysts, including the determinants of their compensation, the inputs […]

Knowledge Dependence and the Formation of Director Interlocks


In this study, we examine knowledge dependence, a unique form of external dependence firms face when they pursue new technologies. Our focus is on the formation of interorganizational ties as a means […]

Changing a Leopard’s Spots: A New Research Direction for Organizational Culture in the Operations Management Field


Operations Management (OM) research on organizational culture has to change to be able to inform practice. Currently, organizational culture research in OM is largely confined to narrow topical and methodological niches and […]

Understanding Network Formation in Strategy Research: Exponential Random Graph Models


This article uses Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGMs) to advance strategic management research, focusing on an application to board interlock network tie formation. Networks form as the result of actor attributes as […]


Linking sructure to behavior using eigenvalue elasticity analysis


Eigenvalue elasticity analysis (EEA) is a set of methods to assess the effect of structure on behavior in dynamic models. It works by considering observed model behavior as a combination of characteristic […]

Rotational Internal Audit Programs and Financial Reporting Quality: Do Compensating Controls Help?


A report from the Institute of Internal Auditors finds that a majority of Fortune 500 companies systematically rotate internal auditors out of the internal audit function and into operational management (IIA 2009a). […]

Impact of Customer Traffic and Service Process Outsourcing Levels on e-Retailer Operational Performance


Many service firms deliver services via a mix of internally developed and delivered (i.e., insourced) and externally developed and delivered (i.e., outsourced) service processes. Service process outsourcing is especially common in e-retailing. […]

Optimal Inside Debt Compensation and the Value of Equity and Debt


We study the effect of changes in CEO inside debt on equity and debt values during the period in which firms’ disclosure of inside debt increased. We predict optimal CEO relative debt-equity […]