Application Process

Lower-level business (BUAD) students apply for upper-level (UL) no later than the last class day of the semester before they expect to enter UL.

Note: To enter UL in the summer, you must have all requirements completed by the beginning of the first summer session.

  1. Apply for UL using the Upper Level Business Application in Degree Evaluation channel in My Record on Howdy, or in the UPO, 238 Wehner.
  2. Complete and submit UL major degree plan using the Undergraduate Degree Planner in Degree Evaluation channel in My Record.
  3. Unless satisfactorily completed prior to UL entry, all students must successfully complete these three remaining Lower-level CBK courses at Texas A&M during their first UL semester: ACCT 230, ISYS 210, MGMT 211.
  4. Students should preregister for ACCT 230, ISYS 210, MGMT 211 (if not yet completed) and appropriate UL business courses in the semester to which they have applied for UL entry.
    Note: Students who fail to meet UL requirements will not be permitted to remain registered in UL business courses.

Apply for BBA Upper-level admission by the last class day of the semester before you expect to enter upper-level. BBA UL entry requirements are mandatory. You must meet all requirements to enter upper level and enroll in 300/400 level business classes.